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Gulf Indexes

The company has established financial indexes for covering the Gulf stock exchanges where these indexes will contribute to generating the required interest by the desirous investors to invest in this class of company shares. Moreover, these indexes will act as a basic drive for comparing and assessing the performance of portfolios by the fund managers because this method will enable the Gulf investors to trace their investments and draw the necessary comparison between them. These indexes are divided into two types:

  • Gulf Compliant-Compound Index
  • GCC 30 Compliant Index
  • Gulf Sectors Index

Gulf Compliant-Compound Index

The Gulf Compliant-Compound Index comprises the listed companies in the GCC countries` region; and the companies are formed in this index in terms of weight according to their market value. The Gulf Compliant-Compound Index is calculated by applying the method of IFC and the calculation of the two indexes began since the year 2000 the indexes is reviewed quarterly and the index base value is 100 points

GCC 30 Compliant Index

The GCC 30 Compliant Index comprises the shares of the thirty pioneering companies in terms of activity because this index discusses all shares of the compliant companies with larger activity in terms of trading volume. The calculation of GCC 30 Compliant Index is made equally in terms of the market value. The calculation of this index began since the year 2000 and the indexes is reviewed and the compliant companies are selected quarterly and the index base value is 100 points, bearing in mind that the market value of the indexes is counted based on the conversion of all into the US Dollar accordingly.