The company has established financial indexes for covering the Gulf stock exchanges where these indexes will contribute to generating the required interest by the desirous investors to invest in this class of company shares. Moreover, these indexes will act as a basic drive for comparing and assessing the performance of portfolios by the fund managers because this method will enable the Gulf investors to trace their investments and draw the necessary comparison between them. These indexes are divided into two types:

Kuwait Sharia Criteria Index

It is a weighable index and it was launched on 24th June, 2002 and it tracked the total movment of all the compliant companies with the approved Sharia criteria by the Sharia Control Board of Madar Finance & Investment Company which are listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange. The index constituents change according to the periodic review quarterly.

Islamic Sector Index

This index comprises of those companies whose articles of association provides for the implementation of Islamic Sharia provisions on all its activities among all sectors in the Kuwait Stock Exchange. This index is also market cap weighted index.

Local Indexes

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Gulf Indexes

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